The Verifit Group is formed by
conformity assessment bodies in Colombia and Brazil,
specialized in climate assurance and leader
in validation/verification of
greenhouse effect gas (GHG) projects in Latin America.

0 years
Of experience in assessment of greenhouse gas project activities and corporate inventories.
0 countries
Were visited by our team to carry out GHG-related validation and verification activities.
GHG validations and verifications of projects or inventories carried out by our team.


GHG Project

Validation and verification of projects that generate carbon credits following national and international standards

GHG Inventory

Verification of corporate GHG inventories under international standards

Carbon Footprint

Verification of the carbon footprint of products by international standards

Renewable Energy Certification

Independent assessment of compliance with protocols for certification of renewable energy credits

Environmental Assessment

Environmental and legal compliance assessment carried out with total reliability, confidentiality and efficiency

Some of our customers


“Having worked with Ricardo Lopes for over 10 years, I can honestly say that his organization is a clear example of what an audit firm should be. The service provided on our last contract was ideal for a company like ALLCOT, delivering faster than expected with regular communications and great teamwork. They are knowledgeable, engaging and proactive. I would not hesitate to recommend Verifit to another organization considering our experience with them in Latin America”.

“We have been working with the Verifit team since 2017 and we have had great experiences due to the great technical quality of their employees and adequate services for each client, providing excellent results”.

Mr Francisco Santo, Director, Beng Engenharia

“Working with Verifit is a pleasure as the company has a highly qualified team with deep technical knowledge. In addition to the technical capacity of the team, empathy and transparency during the processes can be mentioned as differential, which gives us a pleasant feeling of security. More than suppliers, they are our safe haven in project validations and verifications ”.

Mr Jonney Marques Mondini, Haztec Group

“Verifit is a company with a lot of experience in the validation and verification of carbon projects. We have worked with them on different types of projects and standards, and Verifit auditors have always provided a very professional and agile service.”

Mr Christian Ehrat, Head of Renewables and Sustainable Technologies – Americas, South Pole:

“Verifit proved to be a very professional, fast, diligent company with extensive experience in the sector. For these reasons, we trust that we will be able to continue using the services of Verifit and its group of professionals in the future whenever we need a verification service for our climate change projects, in order to achieve the peace of mind generated by the quality of their work.”

Mr Fernando Párraga, Vice President – Biogás Doña Juana

“We worked with Verifit on several revalidations of GHG CDM projects, which had revalidation deadlines to expire. All projects completed the United Nations review cycle without setbacks and successfully completed the revalidation process under the mechanism. This demonstrates the competence and solvency of the Verifit audit team, which is capable of performing high-quality work under conditions of great pressure and commitment to the client.”

Mr Christian Patrickson, Execute Director, Strat Carbon

“When choosing a partner, more than selecting companies, what really matters is knowing who are the people who will serve you. I have known, hired and appointed the VERIFIT technical team for more than 10 years. They are differentiated suppliers: very high professionalism, commitment and quality. That’s what makes the difference. This is what brings security to companies “.

Mr Felipe Bittencourt, CEO, WayCarbon

“Company with experienced professionals, who carry out the entire audit process with agility, consistency and clarity, ensuring the quality of the requested services”.

Mr Stefano Merlin, CEO, Sustainable Carbon

“The reputation of a company is made not only by its name, but by the people who work for it. Verifit professionals are part of a multidisciplinary and technically highly qualified team, always efficient in terms of deadlines and response times. I recommend it!”

Mr David Costa, Manager Carbon Markets, ENGIE Brasil

“We used Verifit services to verify our project to use biogas from landfills in Cartagena. By carrying out this activity, Verifit demonstrated its efficiency, knowledge and professionalism. The commitment and experience of its professionals allowed our Company to achieve its emissions reduction verification goals in a short time but with the rigor and quality required. We hope next year to have the pleasure of continuing to work with Verifit.”

Mr Helmuth Gallego, President CarbonBW Colombia

“We have been working with Verifit in recent years, with excellent results. Its technical team has been able to offer a high quality service to our clients and to MGM Innova Consulting; Additionally, they have good knowledge of the region, which makes work and communications easier”.

Ms Adriana Montoya, Operations Manager, MGM Innova Consulting Colombia

“We have worked with Ricardo and his team for about 18 months and we have had a very good experience. They have validated and verified one of our forest carbon projects and have demonstrated a high degree of speed, preparation and readiness. His dedication to the client is excellent, highlighting his knowledge of carbon markets, validation and verification rules and procedures according to different standards. We will continue to work with them in the future “.

Mr Juan Andres Lopez Silva, Socio Director, Carbosostenible