Impartiality policy

VERIFIT understands the potential influence that can be exerted on your staff in the performance of VVB functions and undertakes to resolve this problem completely. The following aspects are therefore taken into account:

Conflict of Interest Management:

We conduct conformity assessments using established procedures and qualified personnel, which ensures that they are objective and evidence-based. The staff involved in the evaluation follow our Code of Conduct and, for each specific activity, each team member signs a statement confirming that they have no conflict of interest that compromises their impartiality in that activity.

Complaints or appeals

The VERIFIT Complaints and Appeals (P-03) procedure describes the process for handling complaints and appeals from clients who are in the process of being evaluated or already evaluated or from other stakeholders and will be made available to clients or stakeholders upon request.
Any conduct or action by any Verifit employee who compromises the impartiality of an evaluation can be reported directly to the managing director of VERIFIT, Mr. Ricardo Lopes, by telephone or